Responding to a call to action, the A Team NV began with only a few people who had a common goal; to preserve the rights and choices of people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Responding to an action initiated in Congress, our members identified themselves through a common concern. They stepped forward to make their voices heard. More than 500 letters were sent to members of the Nevada Congressional delegation during that initiative.

Although a formal organization did not yet exist, the members had identified a commonality that would propel them forward. Formally organized in 2015, there are now more than 600 members throughout the State of Nevada. Together, our members share the desire to preserve choices for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe it is our civil right to exercise choice over the decisions that affect us.

We are not alone. While the population of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is small in comparison to other special interest groups, or people with other types of disabilities, we are not to be discounted. We believe every individual is important and so are our choices. We are growing as a national effort. There are A Teams located in Wisconsin, Missouri, Alabama, Arizona, and many other states across the country.

Our core mission is to build awareness by sharing our stories with the people we elect to office, our communities, and each other. We are interacting with our community, offering public comment at legislative hearings, meeting with key government officials, and growing communications within our disability community. Together, we are working to preserve choice.

My Job. My Choice. – My Home. My Choice. – My Life. My Choice.


Organize efforts to support individuals with disabilities and their rights.

  • Educate government officials
  • Action Alerts
  • Petition drives


Promote the accomplishments and everyday obstacles overcome by people with disabilities and their family members to ensure their authentic stories are shared throughout the community.

  • Social Media
  • Video testimonials
  • Radio/TV promotion


Provide both peer support and organizational feedback to meet the current and future needs of people with disabilities.

  • Network, Grassroots Advocacy Website
  • Learn and share knowledge
  • Forums and team meetings



Regina Daniel


Shirley Campbell


Katherine Ryder


Judith Koller

Lead Organizer

Tracy May


Joel Jarvis


Thomas Chase-Campbell